When it comes to programs that claim to “simplify” a process, I give it the Parent’s test. Which means that if my parents can utilize the program, and do so effectively then I’ll believe their simplification.

Network Magic is once such program that truly backs up their claims. Managing a network, especially a wireless one can be a daunting task for a newcomer. WPA, WEP, wireless card, modem, router, what do all these things have to do with one another? I can tell you that Network Magic makes it much easier to understand these concepts, and make connecting easier.

The greatest thing about Network Magic is that it is truly point-and-click. Every step that you need to take to connect is represented by an icon, with a short description of its function. There’s no complicated menus, or jargon to barrel through.

Something like this is hard to talk about without ‘selling’ it. Cisco is offering a 7-day trial of their program, so you can try it out for free. This program is the latest release from Cisco since its purchase of Pure Networks. So far it’s looking like a sound investment.

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